Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can a friend come over?

One reason that we were excited for school to start was because we were hoping that Rachel would be able to find some friends in the neighborhood who are close to her age.  We have been quickly blessed!  There are several sweet girls who are Rachel's bus buddies.  Two of them are in first grade and can read, so they have been very helpful with finding seats when things get switched up a bit!

A new family moved in across the street about the same time that a "new girl" started in Rachel's class at school. Rachel talked about how much she liked this new girl and I thought ... maybe?  So, we marched on over to "welcome" these new folks.  Sure enough!  Sable (that is the "new girl's" name) is our new neighbor!  She and Rach had a great time playing yesterday - sidewalk chalk, hopscotch, snacks!

And three doors down is the friend from her class who came over and played today ...

Yep ... a BOY!  They had a great time playing the Wii.
(Please ignore the toys all over the floor!)

Now, Alex has had a friend over to play almost every day for the past couple of weeks.  We've been watching my nephew, his cousin and BFF, Kade.  They have a great time playing "BALL" together.

Alex playing in the little house.  He loves it.  Can you tell that he played in the dirt before that?

Kade eating blueberries!  Yum!


  1. Love, Love, love when the kiddos get to work on their socializin'. It really is a fun thing! :)

  2. Yay! It looks like they had a blast together! I can't wait for my kids to make some new friends, too.