Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bravin Irene

In light of the impending hurricane, there was much deliberation back and forth about whether to go ahead with our plans to travel to North Myrtle Beach last weekend.  My brother, Neal, was planning to come down from Washington, DC where he is a Resident at Georgetown University Hospital.  We hadn't seen him for months, so we certainly didn't want to miss him.  

Friday night's weather was yucky, but it wasn't too bad.  Poor Neal ended up having to rent a car and drive from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach since all the flights were canceled.  He was determined!  By Saturday morning, everything was pretty clear except it was still windy, windy.  We ventured out to check out the beach ...

David wants you to check out the video ... watch the poor bird trying to battle the wind :-)

And here is one of cute Alex ... just for good measure!  

He was napping when we were out on the beach.  And that's good because he would have hated the wind blowing!  We went out onto the porch Saturday morning when the wind was still pretty strong.  Alex was afraid he was going to get blown over; he didn't like it one bit!!

Sunday was beautiful.  My BFF from Conway, April, came over, and we all played at the beach.  Rachel & I even got a little too much sun.  Great day!  But I only took two pictures ...

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  1. It looks like you guys had a blast! Cute pictures! Glad you didn't get blown away:-)