Thursday, August 18, 2011

School Update

Day Two was a success!  And I promise I won't do a school update every day, but there were a few more necessary pictures and questions that needed to be answered.  

Rachel led the way today!  She said she was going to walk and pretend like I wasn't even there.  (sniff ... sniff ... )  She did great and knew exactly where she was going!  You go girl!

And check the sunlight shining on her ...   

Here is the obligatory picture in front of the school.  Sorry I forgot that yesterday!

 This is the hamburger!  (See yesterday's post.)  Rachel says that they take turns climbing up in it.  If you haven't climbed up yet, then you are a new hamburger.  When you come down, you are an old hamburger.

  Checking in ... 

Take Home Folder on the table ... 
(By the way, folder lets us know how her behavior was every day.  Two excellent days in a row!)

And putting backpack in the cubby.  Off to learn!  

Oh, and I almost forgot ... Rachel informed me today that she has changed her mind about what she wants to be when she grows up.  She no longer wants to be a "ballerina teacher", but she now wants to be a teacher.  I told her that she could be a teacher and teach ballet.  "No, a teacher at the school ... like Mrs. Kuhn."  Sweet.


  1. She's such a good girl. So glad everything is going well!

  2. Robert, I don't think she's growled at anyone!