Thursday, August 25, 2011

JAR Photography

When the kids and I were in Conway a couple of weeks ago, we met up with Rachelle and Joseph of JAR Photography.  Rachelle and I have known each other since we were in youth group together as preteens.  There were lots of crazy Acteen days :-)

Thank you, JAR photography for the awesome pictures!   I can't wait to get some on the wall!  (Grandmoms, let me know which ones you want!)  It would have only been better if David could have been there with us.  We do not have enough pictures of all four of us.

Rachel chose to bring the butterfly wings with her to the photo shoot.  I'm glad she did :-)  

I love this one. 
I think they're running away from home.


In these Alex wasn't really cooperating ... this was me trying to manhandle him a bit.
So we just let him do his thing; then we got some good pictures of him.

In this picture, I see the boy he's going to be in ten years or so.  He's already growing up so quickly.
I think babies in just diapers are the cutest things!

Rachel 5, Alex 1

This is the best smile!


My babies and me
I think we were laughing at Alex's Peek-A-Boo.
Here I am!

Peek-A-Boo ... Alex style!