Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Daze ...

Today we ventured over to Fort Mill Elementary to meet the principal, Mrs. Helms, and get Rachel's teacher assignment for Kindergarten!  It was an exciting morning.  I wanted Rachel to meet her so that Rachel could have a good first impression of her principal.  And so that the principal would know who we were.  I gotta make my connections.  Sorry no picture of this.  There will be plenty to come soon, I promise.  

But this was before we left ... I had to grab my camera really quickly because I thought it was so sweet!

After that, we ate lunch with David and then went to the park.  We hit the park because it was only 90 degrees today!  Woo, cool day!   

Rachel's photography skills ... Poor girl can't stand still long enough.

And then we decided to let Alex take our picture.  Just kidding!

Alex didn't care for the swing so much, but it has always been Rachel's favorite part!  She has finally really gotten the hang of pumping with her legs, so she can swing high all on her own now.  Watch out Kindergarten, here she comes!


  1. Erin, those are great pictures! They're getting so big. Thanks for sharing these cool moments!

  2. I love the pictures, too! Cute kids!! We love them and we love you!!